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Home News Surf’s up in Laval; Indoor surfing centre opens Dec. 4

Surf’s up in Laval; Indoor surfing centre opens Dec. 4

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Naeva Surf in Laval offered journalists a peek preview in late November at what the next big wave will be. The indoor site features a “blend of surfing, skateboarding, and  snowboarding,” with a specialized wave pool. Reigning world champion Flowrider, Sean Silveira, along with Vanessa Arroyo, a top female Flowrider made it look easy. But Vanessa confided to us that it took seven months of full-time training to elevate her to world class status and constant practice since to maintain this status. Both stars learned how to Flowride at a similar facility in Orlando, Florida.

This place is not like a wave pool; the water is less than 10 cm (4") deep and the wave is stationary. Powerful jets shoot the water at 40kmh up and over the stationary wave that is covered in a trampoline-material surface.


It is mainly a young adult crowd that is riding the wave. “We’re looking at a 15–35 demographic,” explained  Jean Francois DesRochers, one the co-owners of the $3 million site. “But other people can try it, too. When I was instructing the sport on a cruise ship, I had an 87-year-old participant who was pretty good.” While there is no minimum age requirement per se, participants must measure at least 105cm (42") high.


DesRochers’ business partner (and wife), Patricia Dupuis, added that Maeva surf is pricing itself low at $30 for a 30-minute session with the aim of attracting a high volume of customers. Desrochers is counting on about 18,000 surfers and 40,000 visitors per year. “Sales from the Boutique (sellling O’Neill, Oxbow and RipCurl apparel and surfing paraphernalia) should subsidize the FlowRider,” she noted.


“There are only about 100 such facilities worldwide and this is the first one in Canada,” she added. A Google search, however, reveals a similar Flow Rider already in Kelowna, BC, although online photos suggest that it is smaller than the Laval site.


One of the most surprising things about Maeva Surf is that the centre has apparently spent nothing to date on advertising. Ample publicity, however, has been generated through media events such as the pre-opening and through Facebook. Since opening the Facebook account in May, Maeva Surf has already generated some 1,184 friends.


As noted above, age is not a barrier to indoor surfing. A few health conditions preclude the sport: back problems, neck problems, pregnancy, etc. Maeva Surf also wants participants to know how to swim in turbulent water, not because the water is deep, but just so they will know how to react if they fall.


The expectation is that Maeva Surf will be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 10 am to 9 pm although DesRochers indicated a willingness to consider reservations outside of these time slots.


The site should be fully open by December 4 2010. It is located at 2005 Daniel-Johnson Blvd in (Chomedey) Laval. A 30-minute session with a trainer costs $30 for non members. Participants must measure at least 105cm (42") high. More information at 450 934-6238. www.maevasurf.com




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