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Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone: a review

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Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone (Aug., 2014) is the third and concluding volume about the magical adventures of Jack Shian; the two other volumes in this trilogy are Jack Shian and the King's Chalice (Nov., 2013) and Jack Shian and the Mapa Mundi (Apr  2014). This young adult fiction series is penned by Andrew G Symon, a first-time author who otherwise creates magic bringing babies into the world as a male midwife.

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Creating a nation of wimps;

User Rating: / 10

Creating a nation of wimps;

The dangers of over-protective parenting

Are parents today too over-protective of their children? This question is explored in

A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting by Hara Estroff Marano. The author, who has strong credentials as the Editor at Large of Psychology Today, takes aim both at parents and at the education system. She cites both academic sources and many real-life anecdotes to paint a very disturbing picture of parenting overtaken with hyper-concern and micro-scrutiny. Our society is producing a generation of fragile young people who have no experience in dealing with adversity or ambiguity. It’s not a pretty picture...


Last Child in the Woods; Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

User Rating: / 3

by Richard Louv

Algonquin books of Chapel Hill / Thomas Allen & Son, Ltd.

Second Printing 2008

Paperback, $14.95 U.S. / $19.95 CDN

ISBN - 10:156512605X

ISBN - 13:9781565126053

Louv’s thesis is that society today is teaching young people to avoid direct experience with nature. He also contends that such contact with nature is incredibly beneficial for the mental health and physical health of our youth. This is especially the case where such exposure is unstructured, letting the child’s imagination run wild. He then sadly quotes a San Diego fourth grader that he (sadly) prefers indoor play because “that is where all the electrical outlets are.” Louv’s book has become a rallying point for a movement concerned that youngsters today are deprived of contact with nature.

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 September 2011 22:49


User Rating: / 3

By Michael Schleifer, Leonie Richler, and Lee Londei

The full title (above) of MUTUAL RESPECT WITH TEENAGERS sums up very well what this book is about. Written by the grandfather of three youths, this paperback explores many themes of trans-generational communication. The subject matter is topical because youths today are dealing with many issues from drugs, to sexuality, to gambling, to anorexia, etc and it is not always clear how to address these concerns with them. While these issues are not particularly new, many parents today might be at a loss in knowing how to discuss them. The intended audience is composed of parents of today’s adolescents, as well as teachers, psychologists, and others who work with teenagers and/or their parents. The concepts covered tend to be basic and introductory.

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I Am Not an ATM Machine; How Parents Can Regain Control of Their Lives While Still Loving Their Children

by Phil Clavel

Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Vehicule Press; 1 edition (Sep 20 2006) ISBN-10: 1550652192 Price: $15.95

Some of you will recognize Clavel’s name as a Montrealer and the author of Dad Alone: How to Rebuild Your Life and Remain an Involved Father After Divorce. In I Am Not an ATM Machine, Clavel writes about how to instil in our children a real sense of financial responsibility. He also speaks of helping parents regain control of their own lives instead of giving constant handouts to their children and acting like an automatic teller machine (ATM).

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 September 2011 22:50


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