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Home Other Books Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone: a review

Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone: a review

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Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone (Aug., 2014) is the third and concluding volume about the magical adventures of Jack Shian; the two other volumes in this trilogy are Jack Shian and the King's Chalice (Nov., 2013) and Jack Shian and the Mapa Mundi (Apr  2014). This young adult fiction series is penned by Andrew G Symon, a first-time author who otherwise creates magic bringing babies into the world as a male midwife.

It is easy to draw comparisons between the Jack Shian trilogy and the Harry Potter series; Jack and his youthful friends trek across a magical landscape set in modern-day Scotland. Both series appeal to a similar audience with the Shian heroes learning to confront and begin to master witchcraft, hexes, flying horses, giants,  sword fighting, etc, as they battle powerful enemies harnessing great power for evil purposes. All this is set against Celtic tradition, perhaps inspired by contemporary politics. The Shians are human-like creatures who can expand their size to mingle with humans or shrink down to elf-like size; they have a city hidden underneath Edinburgh Castle.

Imagination is never lacking from the pages of the Destiny Stone as the author spins a complex tale. Luckily, the author provides us with a list of characters (with over 60 names) to help readers keep track of who is who as the story unfolds. The plot line is action-packed as Jack, a boy not yet 14, and friends race to find and assemble an arsenal of powerful magical objects before their bitter enemies, the Kildashies, can do the same. While the general conclusion might be predictable, there are many unexpected twists and turns along the story line and this book is difficult to put down.

While overall I highly recommend this title, readers should be forewarned about the level of violence contained within its pages. Many fictional characters –both good guys and bad guys--meet horrible ends as the story unfolds. Luckily Jack, his band of youthful friends, and his family are spared the carnage and the good guys ultimately prevail.

Disclaimer: This review is written by the author's cousin

Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone:

Paperback, 323 pages

Publisher: Black & White Publishing

Distributed by the Perseus Books Group, (UK)

Distributed by Interlink Publishing (USA)

Suggested retail: £7.99 (UK) $15 (USA)

Electronic versions of the book also available: ($3.99)

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